Roots Focus

By David Stoeckel
South Australian Roots 'n Blues

It gives me a lot of pleasure to kick off the "Roots Focus" page by introducing you to the "Late Bloomers". They hail from The States, Boston I think. Their CD "Sneakin' in the Back Door" offers some beautiful acoustic guitar duos as well as some rich ballads. It's a blend of folk and country blues. The traditional is innovatively mixed with their fresh and original approach. This CD is well worth sussing out! It contains some delightful pickin'. I particularly liked Randy Browning's work on the banjo. If Harry Manx's recent gig at The Gov' whet your appetite for restrained spacious banjo plucking then you will certainly enjoy this CD. It also offers some great ballads penned by Browning. They tell stories with warmth, simplicity and poignancy; about some down home and knock about characters. The soft husky vocals remind me of Steve Forbert's. SA Roots 'n Blues gives you a taste of "Late Bloomers". Blues lovers will revell in 'Sneakin' in the Back Door'...(sound clip)

Email Interview:

Hello Randy & Brett. Some great pickin' on your CD! I'm curious about your instruments ...

LB: Hi, David. Thanks. Brett plays a slope-shouldered dreadnaught amd an OM, Randy plays a JOMC and a no-name, open-back banjo.

Great ballads ...your songwriting?

LB: We love writing, both together and seperately. We listen to a really wide variety of music, so there's alot of variety in our songs.

Your inspirations?

LB: Robert Johnson, Wes Montgomery, Scott Joplin, Muddy Waters, Doc Watson, Bill Evans, Taj Mahal, Lennon/McCartney, Joni Mitchell, Paul Simon, Randy Newman, Bonnie Raitt, Martin Simpson, Kate Rusby, Bill Frisell, Tony Rice, and probably millions more.


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