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Radical Rags    (Randy Solo)     2007

Radical Rags cd cover

1. Radical Rags
2. Kings of the Midway
3. Black Waters
4. Bourgeois Blues
5. A Piece of Sky
6. Political Science
7. Sidewalk Soldier
8. Nothing More to Say
9. Devil Take the Farmer
10. Little Things



Rad.i.cal adj. Of or from a root or source, basic. < Latin: root.
Songs new and old, connected by progressive social change.

Randy: Acoustic / electric / slide guitars, banjo, vocals

"Refreshing and original... one of the finest acoustic offerings of the year." Doug Sloan [Doug's top 5] - Metronome     Full Review

Mixed by Steve Friedman at Melville Park Studio and Tom Eaton
Mastered by Tom Eaton at Thomas Eaton Recording
Design by Leslie Lee



Sneakin' in the Back Door    2004

Sneakin in the Back Door cd cover

1. Sneakin in the Back Door
2. The Beaumont Rag
    / Sister Kate

3. Waiting for Nancy
4. Rodeo Clown
5. Lowlands of Holland
    / Southwind

6. Tina Came to Dance
7. Grave Digger
8. Something About Twilight
9. Long Way to Go
10. Frosty Morning
11. Painted Desert



A fun mix of story songs, modern acoustic music and old-timey folk.

Brett: Acoustic / electric guitars, piano ~ Randy: Acoustic / slide guitars, banjo, vocals ~ John Bigus: Backing vocals ~ Steve Brown: Bones

" A gem...both classic and contemporary in feel. A standout and highly recommended. " Hannah Smalltree- Spotlight     Full Review

Produced by John Bigus, Brett Kinney, and Randy Browning
Engineered by Timm Keleher at Wellspring Sound
Mastered by Jonathan Wyner at M-Works
Design by Leslie Tane



Late Bloomers    1999

Late Bloomers cd cover

1. Blue Highways
2. Beans & Crawdads
3. The Grace Bailey
4. Ghost Dancing
5. Wishfulness
6. Finn MacCool's Reel
7. Deep River Blues
8. Red Haired Boy
9. Froggie Went A-Courtin'
10. Great Pumpkin
11. November


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An evocative blend of contemporary instrumentals, traddy folk and original songs.

Brett: Acoustic guitar ~ Randy: Acoustic guitar, vocals ~ John Bigus: Hammered Dulcimer ~ Hanneke Cassell: Fiddle

"Exquisite guitar picking, soaring arrangements and wonderful tone... each song takes on a life-force of it's own. Truly remarkable - Bravo!"
Doug Sloan - Metronome

Produced by John Bigus and Randy Browning
Engineered by Steve Friedman at Melville Park Studio
Mastered by Jonathan Wyner at M-Works
Design by MaryAnn Southard


tree   The good folks at Oasis allowed us to use recycled paper and soy inks in all our packaging at no extra charge.



Music to Life   (Compilation)     2008/2009

Music to Life cd cover  

These songs were selected by a panel of esteemed judges including: Judy Collins, Janis Ian, Christine Lavin, Holly Near, Tom Paxton, Noel Paul Stookey, Mary Travers and Peter Yarrow.

[for more info, visit Music2Life]

1. City on Fire
   - Ellis
2. Raise Your Hand
   - Amy Carol Webb
3. Tikkun Olam, Repair the World
   - Ellen Bukstel
4. Radical Rags
   - Randy Browning
5. Cheap Grace
   - Rachael Kilgour

6. By My Silence
   - Ellen Bukstel/Nick Annis
7. Weight of the World
   - Amy Speace
8. Jesus & Jesús
   - Lisa Rogers
9. Dear Father
   - Eugene Ruffolo
10. Welcome
   - Jon Fromer



Under the Linden Tree   (Compilation)     2005

Linden Tree Coffeehouse: Celebrating 20 Years of Folk Music

Linden Tree cd cover  

Produced by Deborah Feinn

[to order, visit the Linden Tree Coffeehouse]

1. Hometown Boy
   - Jack Williams
2. Beat of the Heart
   - Diane Taraz
3. Sneakin' in the Back Door
   - Late Bloomers
4. Tick Tock World
   - Janet Feld
5. Yankee Clipper Sails Again
   - Barbara Phaneuf
6. Sandstone Cathedrals
   - Bill Staines
7. Maggie May
   - Blunt Instruments
8. Beans & Crawdads
   - Late Bloomers
9. Indian Neck
   - Rick Lee

10. Sunday in Paradise
   -Curt Bessette
11. Angels
   - Chuck Hall
12. Banks of the Sacramento
   - Gail Rundlett
13. Don't Let Your Deal Go Down
   - Claudia Russell
14. Caroline's in Carolina
   - Southern Rail
15. Holy Land
   - Les Sampou
16. Ol' Pen
   - Bill Staines
17. West Fork Gals/Ragtime Annie
   - Blunt Instruments